Ladies 20th November

Published on 20th November 2019 in Results


Event: Grannies Day

Divisions 0-22,23-27,28-45

Sponsor: Rose Knowles

Grannies Winner:  Mary Wyllie 41pts

Non Grannies Winner: Rose Paton c/b 37 pts

Div 1 Winner: Vicki Edwards 38pts

Div 2 Winner: Gaylene Melhuish 38 pts

Div 3 Winner: Pat Deegan 39 pts

Best Front 9:E.Smith c/b 22 pts

Best Back Nine:J.Chugg c/b 21 pts

2nd Shot 13th:R.Paton

Nearest Pin on 9th: Raelene Chugg

Money Hole Second Shot on 18th: Sharon Crowden in the Hole $33

Gobblers: M.Willmott 4th,S.Poke 12th

Nine Hole Stableford: Martina Butler 21 pts

R/U: Sandra Poke 19 pts


Next Week’s Event: Foursomes Championships

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